Angels and Grace

Nov 21, 2018 by Luann Robinson Hull, in Consciousness

Yesterday I started out having what I judged to be a ‘bad day.’ I’d had dental surgery the day before and upon arising, it felt like things were going south in my mouth. Unable to ignore the repeated throbbing in my jaw, I made an appointment with the dentist (not the surgeon who’d performed the procedure). Turns out that dentist is the sweetest (as dentists go). He poked and prodded and took pictures and finally came up with a simple solution to help ease the pain, following which things began to improve. And, he didn’t charge me a dime.


Right after that, I ran some errands, ending up at the cleaners where I collected a huge stack of stuff. Upon arriving back at my car with the load, I absolutely did not know how in hell I was going to get the door open—seemed an utterly insurmountable task. Suddenly out of nowhere, this darling, tall, strapping guy came running over, swooped up all of the cleaning paraphernalia, sprang open the door, put everything neatly in the seat, and then proceeded to escort me to the driver side of the car. (BTW, he was definitely NOT hitting on me—a sort of ashen/pale crone with a baseball in her jaw.) He then extended his hand and flashed a broad smile, introducing himself. “Hi, I am Eden.” I said, “You are an angel!” He responded, “Yes, that’s what my mother says.” Honestly, he really felt like one. I am not kidding. That guy brought me to tears as I contemplated the gifts of grace (serendipitous events that happen in your life not asked for) with which I’d been endowed on a day launched by getting up on the “wrong side of the bed.” Both the dentist and Eden changed things all around for me—and I took note. Amazing how simple acts of kindness (and love) can make all the difference in a day that seemed to be headed in a southern direction.


If you are inclined, be on the look-out for angels that appear out of nowhere. And while you’re at it, become one…


Happy Thanksgiving!


Love, Luann