Letting go

Jul 02, 2018 by Luann Robinson Hull

Dear Hearts,

While some of you may have already received the message (blog) below, which I sent out a couple of weeks ago (bear with me here), I couldn’t resist forwarding it along again as a lead in to my latest insight related to letting go

Flash of Insight:

While hiking my favorite trail a few days ago, that, to my delight, just opened for the summer, I contemplated how the compost of the past can magically support the sprouting of our spirit in the present. Here is a simple example: Parts of the Ute trail, which is steep and technical in spots, were still snow packed. Fortunately, I’d brought along my poles to help navigate the difficult segments. In coming down those passages, it dawned on me that the very poles I was using to support me had been gifted by the man, whom I’d believed to have been a major nemesis in my life. In a flash of insight I paused to offer gratitude for those poles and everything they represented. The person that I had viewed as my adversary for so many years, had actually been an ‘angel,’ who’d helped me to see all the ways I’d been limiting myself. It was his behavior that served to emphasize my own, while showing me everything I needed to change in myself.

Just after my insight, my eyes were drawn to the heart-stone pictured here (together with the poles next to the snow-packed trail). You’ll note that the heart is cracked at the top-right corner—making it just slightly damaged, though mostly in tact. What I suppose this cracked-at-the-top-right-corner-heart-stone represents for me is this: that what we at one time or another believe may have broken us—has instead served to crack us open so that we can release all that has kept us stuck. When we do, we clear the way to move into that thriving range of ours!


Letting Go (my latest insight)

Finally, the long, awaited summer has really arrived in the mountains of Colorado. The snow, mentioned above, has melted away and is but a memory (thank God). Over the weekend I launched off on a loop by the river (pictured here) which is negotiated more easily with those hiking poles (mentioned above). They can help immensely in navigating the rugged landscape. Some of the rocks on that trail are easily as big as Volkswagens, definitely emphasizing the reason why these Rockies earned the name.



About an hour and a half in (around a three hour journey altogether), I sat down to dislodge one of the smaller rocks from my shoe, laying the poles aside. Twenty minutes from home, I realized I’d never picked them back up again. Rather than turn around and back-track I decided to return in the next couple of days to retrieve the poles. When they were nowhere in sight after I’d made two more loops on subsequent days, I was eventually able to let go of my annoyance. Those poles had lived out their usefulness. Just a few weeks before, I’d had an epiphany during another walk in the woods. The poles had helped me to find my way to gratitude for someone I’d never believed I could appreciate. Now, it was time to let go of the past, where I have zero power. Good Lord I hope I can remember how much energy it takes to resist things you can’t change. So much easier to let go!