Letting go

Jul 02, 2018 by Luann Robinson Hull

While some of you may have already received the message (blog) below, which I sent out a couple of weeks ago (bear with me here), I couldn’t resist forwarding it along again as a lead in to my latest insight related to letting go

Flash of Insight

May 22, 2018 by Luann Robinson Hull
While hiking my favorite trail a few days ago, that, to my delight, just opened for the summer, I contemplated how the compost of the past can magically support the sprouting of our spirit in the present.

Using Our Relationships as a Template for Spiritual Practice

Jul 22, 2017 by Luann Robinson Hull
Excerpts from Self-Belonging to be published around Valentine’s day 2018 (stay tuned to receive your advance copy) and Happily Ever After…Right Now. 

The late Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, defines true love as this: “The desire to contribute to another’s spiritual growth.” Peck’s definition says nothing about finding someone to complete you or make you happy (or vice versa). So whether or not the relationship is sustainable, if you decide to use it as a spiritual practice, you can choose to grow in the presence of another (while contributing to his/her growth) without a need or desire to change him/her so that you can be happy and comfortable. Instead, you work on being present and available for...


Oct 31, 2014 by Luann Robinson Hull
Maximize Your Happiness Potential ...The desire for happiness is essential to man. It is the motivator of all our acts. The most venerable, clearly understood, enlightened, and reliable constant in the world is not only that we want to be happy, but that we want only to be so." - Matthieu Ricard

There is an endless supply of resources on how to follow the yellow brick road to happiness. And in recent years, the scientific community has jumped on board fortifying us with impressive data providing empirical evidence to show that we as a species have been hardwired to operate from a foundation of happiness and well-being (Happily Ever After...Right Now, prologue xxx). All we have to do to create that possibility...

Inspirational Quotes on Your Heart's Deepest Yearning

Oct 30, 2014 by Luann Robinson Hull
  "Let your heart’s deepest yearning be to become all of those things which you are tempted to seek from another. In your becoming you will get that there is nothing to get.”

--Luann Robinson Hull

Caring Science: Sacred Wisdom of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness

Jul 09, 2014 by Luann Robinson Hull
We could all use a little more peace, balance & happiness, right? This one day workshop is designed to provide you with the basic tools to get started right now. This workshop, co-facilitated by Jean Watson(WCSI) and Luann Robinson Hull, will explore specific mind-body healing practices of caring science as sacred science. Current breakthroughs and pioneering mind-body-spirit scientific underpinnings will be explored alongside with ancient, timeless Indigenous rituals. WHEN & WHERE:  Wednesday, July 9 , 2014 Millennium Harvest House, 1345 Twenty-Eighth Street, Boulder, CO 80302 Register Now!      Download Flyer!

Grateful for You

Nov 25, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wanted to let you know of my feelings of gratitude for all of you. I so appreciate the many comments and responses to our gems and cannot tell you how inspiring each and every one of you is in my life.

One of you wrote this to me after my last gem:  “I am deeply thankful that neuroscience now shows us the positive brain evidence, that supports choice versus fight or flight and to nurture self is the key to our new evolution as human BEINGS.” I loved this woman’s insights reminding me that many of you “out there,” are making note, like those of us on the Happily team, that we have a plethora of choices on...

It was a Soulful Weekend…

Nov 14, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Thanks to all who participated in the Immersion weekend offered by Jess Jacobsen and me last weekend in Carbondale, Colorado. We did some inner exploration around our soul’s purpose and how to unlock our limitless potential, and it was exhilarating!  The mixture of lecture and practice turned out to be a winning combination that resonated with our lovely gathering of beautiful souls!

For those of you who couldn’t be there, we spent time together reviewing some of our “inner workings,” looking at why and how we get triggered, which hijacks or log-jams our peace and creative potential.  As neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux points out,

“human consciousness is the way it is because of the way our brains operate…emotions evolved not as conscious feelings,...

Your Sacred Soul ~ An Immersion with Luann Robinson Hull

Nov 09, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Click here for more information WHEN & WHERE:  Friday, November 9 & 10, 2013 at True Nature Healing Arts, 100 N 3rd St, Carbondale, CO 81623 Join Compassionate Healer & Teacher, Jessica Jacobson, ABT & Award Winning Author, Luann Robinson Hull, MSW, LSCSW, D.Min for a two day immersion bringing the mind, heart and body together to deepen into your best self. Register Now!

Broadening Our Outlook

Oct 31, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
It seems like there is some pretty significant turmoil in the world--people having trouble getting along--from the personal to the global level. Women want one thing in a relationship--men want another. The Republicans have a position--and so do the Democrats. As humans, we just plain struggle to get past our own stubborn stand on things--our feelings of righteous indignation. Why is it so hard for us to move into states of compassion and empathy for the other guy/gal? Why does our positionality laced with its fears and insecurities, so often have a stronger voice than a compassionate, loving heart?

I am no newcomer to the planet and I have been studying human behavior for over twenty-five years. I gotta tell ya,...

Upcoming Events

Oct 14, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Insights~ Connecting Souls Through Discovery, Sharing and Meditation Insights meets every Wednesday 6-7 pm at Aspen Chapel Insights is community gathering together to  meditate, to explore various traditions and spiritual views, and to share perspectives and personal experiences. It is a unique program in that everyone is welcome to receive as a student and to give as a teacher. We sit in a non-religious circle of trust. We meditate, explore and commune. Luann Robinson Hull will facilitate the gathering on Wednesday, July 26. Her topic is: “How Can We Use Our Relationships as a Template for Spiritual Practice?”

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! Hope to see you! Barbara Bloemsma, Facilitator

Taking the Road Less Traveled by Robert Frost

Sep 15, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference" -- Robert Frost It is getting to be late in the season and the gondola that I use for transport down the mountain after a hike will soon be shutting down, so, I decided to go on another hike this morning.

Today, I decided to take the “road less traveled by” so I could discuss the topic of resistance first-hand with you.  Since our discussion last time was on courage, I thought it might be appropriate to explore the subject of resistance or avoiding the inclination to give into fear and taking the path of least resistance.

Courage! A Labor of Love

Aug 31, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
In my last message, Taking Back Our Emotional Wellbeing, I talked about proven ways to interrupt the brain's conditioned mechanism to "emotionally hi-jack" us, when we get triggered--a coping mechanism which has actually been dialed into our programming to keep us alive throughout our evolutionary development.

As we continue to learn, some of our conditioned fears and the responses caused by these are no longer useful—at least when they cause more harm than good—like running around your back hand in tennis—or, consider this: Suppose you have had a life-long fear of heights for whatever reason (like me). And, for the last 11 years, you have been living in an alpine town, filled with hiking trails, cliffs, ski-mountains, and a multitude of exceedingly high places. What are...

Taking Back Our Emotional Well Being

Aug 13, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Last week we continued our discussion on “the power of emotions over happiness” and shared insights from cutting edge scientists, who are merging science and spirituality. Today I’d like to discuss how our conditioning influences our emotions and provide a simple technique on how to begin to make permanent changes in patterns of behavior that cause challenge.

Among those participating in breakthrough studies on the brain (merging science and spirituality), is Dr. Richard Davidson, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. “Dr. Davidson has unearthed some significant findings regarding how the emotion of happiness can be tracked in the brain. Davidson collaborated with His Holiness the Dalia Lama to study monks, who are experienced practitioners in meditation, having...

Balancing Your Emotions

Aug 04, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Last week we talked about the “power of emotions over happiness,” and posed the question, "How can you interrupt the tendency for the "emotional hi-jacking phenomenon" to play out in your world?”

Here are some insights from Joseph LeDoux, Professor of Science in the Center for Neural Sciences at New York University. “…we are evolution in progress… As things now stand, the amygdala (which governs your fight or flight response to perceived or imagined fear  http://bigthink.com/videos/the-amygdala-in-5-minutes) has a greater influence on the cortex (reasoning centers of the brain) than the cortex has on the amygdala, allowing emotional arousal (fight or flight) to dominate and control thinking. Throughout the mammals, pathways from the amygdala to the cortex overshadow the pathways from the...

The Power of Emotions Over Happiness

Jul 28, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
The July 15, 2013 issue of Time Magazine introduced a series of articles on “happiness,” and emphasized a point, which I made in my recent Huffington Post article (excerpt below) : “Being distracted (by emotional charges, thoughts, etc.) blunts responses in the brain (Time,  pp. 30).” That's a pretty radical statement! Your thoughts and emotional charges will blunt responses in the brain? Yes, they will.

“Here is a key point that I have learned from devoting much of my professional life to studying the effects of human emotions. The raw, impulsive ones, like fear, excessive worry, and anger will absolutely hi-jack happiness and well being—every single time. And, once these emotions take hold, they can have a fierce grip. So, if we are going to...

Inspired Atop Aspen Mountain

Jul 21, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
I recorded a one-minute video Gem from inside the gondola on my way down from Aspen Mountain a couple of weeks ago, and I’d love to share it with you here.

I was inspired as I reflected that I’d been hiking/climbing up Aspen Mountain for over eleven years. That is a long time. And yet, when I started I didn’t think I could do it. I never thought I could come close to successfully climbing that mountain, and yet I do it now on a regular basis.

The basic premise? You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. How? I offer a quick tip in this very short video.

I invite you to watch the one-minute video by clicking here, or if you are reading this online...

The Look of Real Love

Jul 14, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Being aware of our need to change our conditioned responses is a good start in establishing healthy patterns in relationships. But awareness alone does not cause change. Change can only occur when you make a conscious decision to do whatever it takes to go boldly toward all that will help you to first become the love of your own life, prior to searching for love in other places. You have to be able to recognize real love by first experiencing it through a conscious commitment to loving yourself. And once you do, you will know from every awakening cell in your being that you don't need someone else to provide what you already have. Then when a potential partner appears (or is already beside you), you...

It's High Time to Reprogram Our Brains

Jul 07, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Following up on my last article "Soul Sister (or Brother)" -- In order to succeed in our quest to tune into our own heart and soul and loving ourselves, we have to be committed.

We must be vigilant around any negative thoughts that are self directed, and turn these thoughts into loving kindness. Notice how deeply conditioned negativity is. Here is a simple example. Suppose you are in school and you just have done poorly on a test (by your standards). What is your first inclination? Is it to tell yourself how wonderful you are for even trying to do your best on the test (compassion)? Is it to find all of the ways that you have been successful in this...

Soul Sister (or Brother)

Jul 01, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
If we really want to experience true intimacy with a partner, then we have to be willing to tune into our very own heart and soul. What is the secret to finding happiness, the right partner, the right career, enough money, better looks, more energy and the greater health? You must begin by making a commitment to loving yourself. The soul sister/brother that lives in your essence will never leave or forsake you. Marry him/her first (or marry "him/her" now if you are already "actually" married). Go and buy yourself a simple little eternity ring. Slip it on your finger and make a personal pledge to begin (or continue) learning how to provide for yourself absolutely everything that you think (or thought) you would...
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