Luann’s mission:

To support the character and consciousness of humanity in moving to its full and most optimal potential through ongoing research, writing, speaking, sharing, leadership, and example.

Message from Luann:

Ever since launching a career in the psychiatric world nearly twenty-five years ago, I have been passionate about exploring the possibilities for upgrading the “human operating system.” Having come from a professional background where pathology (accompanied by all of its misery and despair) was emphasized, over the past fifteen years, I have shifted my focus to subjects which inspire me—things like happiness, optimism, gratitude, enthusiasm, compassion, kindness, thriving, fulfillment, and self-actualization.

In so doing, I have continued to explore how we as a species can move beyond our limitations and keep increasing the momentum to catalyze a shift in consciousness away from fear, doubt, and limitation. What are the most effective methods, tools, and practices to help us in the process? This is a riddle I am continually refining and resolving through research, careful exploration, and personal practice.

In looking to unravel the quagmire of human suffering and the habituated patterns and ways of behaving that seem to exaggerate our collective woundedness, I have been repeatedly guided to a variety of experts and teachers—from neuroscientists Like Joseph LeDoux and Eben Alexander, to philosophers, such as Matthew Fox and Pema Chodron, to enlightened teachers including Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, and Adyshanti. These distinguished guides together with a multitude of others, have supported me in realizing that we humans are already blueprinted to step into our full and most optimal potential. And I am most inspired to join them in cracking the codes that will help us to activate that blueprint.

I am constantly updating and sharing my findings on the evolution of human consciousness through my writing, speaking, and ongoing research to provide the most current, cutting edge information for seekers of self-actualization. Having been a consultant and speaker for over fifteen years on the subject, I am grateful that my attempts to combine clinical wisdom, research, wit, and warmth in my workshops, book, articles, blog, and video clips, continue to be well received.